Sustainable charcoal from an invasive tree in Kenya. 


Demand for charcoal has placed unsustainable demand on ecosystems and agricultural land throughout Africa, with demand expected to double or triple by 2050 (UNEP)


Forests make crucial contributions to providing vital ecosystem services, such as storing carbon, protecting watersheds from erosion and sustaining biodiversity
— United Nations Environment Programme


Tinder EcoFuels is radically changing the way charcoal is produced and sold in Kenya by disrupting the charcoal sector.



Our Impact

Combining traditional and modern methods for charcoal production, we generate large social and environmental benefits that impact both urban consumers and disadvantaged rural communities alike. 


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We believe in the power of community and relationships, and we are always looking to form partnerships with like-minded organisations.


If you have any questions about the work we do or want to learn more about social impact we would be happy to discuss this more with you. 

A Startle business

Tinder EcoFuels is a Startle Ltd. business. Startle is a long-term impact growth partner on a mission to help lift people out of poverty whilst protecting the environment. Startle helps ventures grow from idea and conception, through pilot to sustainability and ultimately scalability.

Startle specialises in water and sanitation, access to energy and technology and agriculture